Using EverNote with A QR Code Scanner for Craftroom Organization

At work, I’m a label making, calendar-using, clear surfaces, 43 folders, GTD, Pomodoro Technique, all things productivity related  fool.  In my former, corporate job, I did these things to manage processes and labor in 200+ stores for 3,000+ employees.  My work life today is far less stressful.  I manage 1 employee and that includes me. I have no direct supervision, day to day, so if my desk is a mess or if I jump from one project to another 50 times a day, Nobody Knows it But Me.  (You’re humming right now, aren’t you?) But habits Die Hard (and now you’re thinking about Bruce Willis) and I still tend to maintain a pretty structured work life.  (Especially if you ever run into a member of my Board of Supervisors!)

At home, it’s a whole different ball game.  I try to maintain the same level of organization, but it just doesn’t work, so I settle for controlled chaos, especially in my craftroom.  One tool I’ve found that really helps is EverNote, which is, just as the name implies, a note-taking system.  Possibly the note-taking system. Available on Android and iOS, tablets, iPads, phones, and your computer, it gives you a go-anywhere (anywhere you can access the App) method for staying on top of your to-do lists.

In my craftroom, I use it to keep track of inventory.  If you’d told me ten years ago that I would need something to keep track of my craftroom inventory, I would have laughed hysterically.  Now, it’s a tool I cannot do without.  I have supplies on top of supplies and when I go shopping, I often forget if I have something when I come across a good deal or forget that I’m out of something that I may need the next week.  I use EverNote to keep a basic inventory of paper, ink, adhesives, etc. so I avoid purchasing duplicate products and so I never run out of things I use on a regular basis.

This is nothing new.  Crafters everywhere use EverNote and I’m sure there are many that use it as I do, in conjunction with the barcode scanner that’s available as a free download.  But I couldn’t find simple instructions to set it up to work efficiently, so as a Die Harder DIYer, I did some web searching and created the following YouTube video to make a great app even more efficient… I can spend more time organizing my scrapbook supplies scrapbooking!

Watch the YouTube video below for more information.  Supplies (such as they are) are listed below the video!

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