Using the Photo Sleeve Fuse to Create Better Two Page Layouts

So, I know I’m picky, but there’s this problem that’s been plaguing me for awhile in my scrapbooks.

When you complete two page spreads in a 3-Ring Scrapbook, the pages don’t stay together, so you lose some of the look of inter-connected-ness. (I’m making up words here, but I couldn’t come up with the precise term for the look I want!) I love the way postbound scrapbook pages look, especially the two page spreads. But I despise working with postbound scrapbooks. You either have to make many, many thin scrapbooks or you have to deal with extension posts and then the scrapbooks feel like they’re going to come apart. I switched to 3-Ring scrapbooks immediately after my first two scrapbooks seven years ago and I’ve never regretted the decision. However, I still miss the look of continuity you get in a two-page layout in those postbound scrapbooks.

I was thrilled to discover the We R Memory Keepers Flush Bound Page Protectors (linked below, as usual) but don’t do enough two-page layouts to justify the additional cost for a whole package. There’s only a two dollar difference, but two dollars is a package of Thickers on sale! So I looked for a way to use regular 12×12 page protectors and create the same look.

In the video below, I show you two options, one using the Photo Sleeve Fuse tool and one using a sewing machine.